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16 GAZ Cummins CM22xx


The module allows you to view, edit, compare the firmware files of GAZ cars with Cummins ISF2.8, ISF3.8 engine with Continental CM2220 control unit. It is possible to open and edit firmware files ONLY in *.bin format. Contains more than 2000 basic calibrations. Available calibrations for torque, injection quantity, injection phase, fuel pressure, emergency modes, starting calibrations, DTC error mask, etc..

The module corrects checksums in the firmware. It is recommended to read and write firmware to the ECU using the Combiloader programmer.

The names of calibrations in the module are abbreviations Cummins in English.

Available software versions:

BBH_BS90010_03 BBH_BS90010_04 BBH_BS90010_05 BBH_BS90010_07 BBH_BS90025_01 BBH_BS90025_02 BBH_BS90025_03 BBH_BS90025_04 BBH_BS90025_08 BBH_BS90025_09 BBH_BS90065_00 BBH_BS90065_01 BBH_BS90065_02 BBH_BS90065_03 BBH_BS90065_04 BBH_BS90065_05 BBK_BO90005_20 BBK_BV90005_16 BBK_BV90007_00 BBK_BV90007_01 BBK_BV90008_01 BBK_BV90010_00 BBK_BV90010_02 BBK_BV90010_03 BBK_BV90010_04 BBK_BV90010_07 BDX_EL80010-05 BDX_EL80011_05 BDX_EL80015_01 BDX_EL80015_05 BDX_EL80015_07 BDX_EL80015_09 BDX_EL80021_08 BDX_EL80025_03 BFF_FN80001_00 BFF_FN80016_05 BFF_FN80016_13 BGY_HG80003_01 BGY_HG80003_02 BGY_HG80003_03 BGY_HG80003_04 BGY_HG80003_05 BGY_HG80003_06 BGY_HG80003_07 BGY_HG80013_00 BGY_HG80013_01 BGY_HG80013_02 BGY_HG80013_03 BGY_HG80013_05 BGY_HG80015_00 BIS_JA10012.00 BIS_JA10012.02 BIS_JA10012.03 BIS_JA10012_04 BIS_JA10013_00 BIS_JA10013_02 BIS_JA10013_04 BIS_JA10036_00 BIS_JA10036_02 BIS_JA10037_00