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The module allows you to view, edit and compare the DTC error mask of Kamaz vehicles with the Mercedes engine control unit MR PLD SW 24C. Decryption of error codes according to the manufacturer's standard. It is possible to search for the fault code by the error number, the full decryption of the code or any coincidence in the decryption.Viewing of extended firmware IDs is available. The module does not correct checksums.
To read and write firmware files in the ECU, it is recommended to use the AutoVEI Truck Explorer programmer (Kamatic). This programmer corrects firmware checksums before writing to the ECU.

Available software versions (Dataset):

A 013 443 01 40 ZGS 001
A 013 443 02 40 ZGS 001
A 083 447 44 40 ZGS 001
A 083 447 52 40 ZGS 001
A 906 443 25 40 ZGS 001